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A BIT OF BACKGROUND is owned and operated by International Antiques & Collectors Fairs, organisers of Europe’s largest antiques fairs. So it knows a thing or two about antiques. You can join the site as a collector or a dealer. Obviously if you join as a dealer you are given a change to showcase your goods.


NO COMMISSION!!! That’s right they don’t take ANY commission and when I spoke to the owner he assured me this isn’t the way he wants the platform to do (that was early 2019).


Up to 150 item listings: £39.99 (+ vat)
Up to 300 item listings: £44.99 (+ vat)
Up to 400 item listings: £49.99 (+ vat)
Up to 500 item listings: £54.99 (+ vat)
Up to 600 item listings: £59.99 (+ vat)

The above is accurate as of April 2020


Of all of the UK based marketplaces Love Antiques (LA) is a favourite of mine. They take their website serious, treat members well and aren’t scared to invest.

  • DA of 58
  • Gain good traffic in both UK and USA for many search terms
  • Categories that they rank FAB in, and also have THOUSANDS of searches are – antique clocks, coffee tables (and other tables/furniture), vintage / antique jewellery and mirrors
  • Cheap membership
  • Healthy website investment

LA invest heavily in link building, PR and many other SEO areas. I have seen some of their PR campaigns rocket and get a significant amount of links. I wont lie most traffic goes to blog pages, that will be building up the domain and search dominance however might not be getting the right traffic all the time.


At the time of writing this (2020) A lovely lady called Lyndsey deals with all member issues and will gladly help, so use her to your advantage.

Most members will have reduced stock on the platform, regularly check what the site is being search for and popular pages, if you have stock for these areas then fluctuate them regularly.

Write articles for them in exchange for a link back in the post to your site, or even to link back to your area on selling antiques. If you are good at keyword research, identify a niche blog topic that is high traffic and low competition LA will likely get ranked pretty well, especially if your own dedicated website is new and has minimal search engine visibility.

LA could improve their social outlets however as they have an older audience they may feel this not worth the investment right now. I have no doubt this will come : )

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