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Index Bloat

What is index bloat? In a nutshell it’s when search engines crawl areas of your site they don’t really need to. Within ecommerce this can commonly be Search pages Multiple pages for the same...
answer the public

Answer the Public – How to Pages

Did you know on Google there are 3 billion searches every day, 20% of which are unique searches. Answer the public helps you locate these and create a direct line into your customers mind....
history of

History of … Pages

If you have an antiques website it is likely there is fabulous history behind your items and believe or not people want to read about it. From grape shears to vinaigrette’s they cant get...
Love Antiques

The Love Antiques Marketplace

A BIT OF BACKGROUND is owned and operated by International Antiques & Collectors Fairs, organisers of Europe’s largest antiques fairs. So it knows a thing or two about antiques. You can join the...
1st dibs marketplace jewellery

The 1st Dibs Marketplace – What is 1stdibs?

**(Post Updated July 2022)** If you are in the luxury goods industry and wanting to target USA customers you simply MUST checkout 1st Dibs! 1st Dibs describe themselves as ‘the WORLD’S leading online marketplace...
Antiques Keyword Research

Product Page Keyword Research

Do it! Don’t hesitate If you work in the luxury goods or antique industries, it may often be the case that each of your products are unique, expensive and rather special. Often, due to...