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If you have an antiques website it is likely there is fabulous history behind your items and believe or not people want to read about it. From grape shears to vinaigrette’s they cant get enough!

For every product type you sell , it is likely that you can research and create pages surrounding their history. It would be worth investing in getting extensive keyword research carried out and articles produced to steal this traffic and drive it to your website.

Don’t worry, I was as surprised as you are!

History pages

Many history page topics carry RATHER high search volume on Google. If you are good at executing keyword research you will be able to gain substantial traffic to the website via such pages. There are some examples below of those I have researched, created and carried out with many resulting in not only position one spot on google but many hitting the ‘rich snippet‘ sweet spot.

Grape Shears – After a lot of researched I identified main and sub keywords which carried decent search volume based around grape shears, grape scissors and the history of such pieces.

Final page created https://www.acsilver.co.uk/acsnews/2016/07/07/what-are-grape-shears/

The term ‘grape scissors’ has 450 spm in USA and this ranks pos 1 and rich snippet, it also ranked for 24 other keywords in the USA alone (the company was UK based so ranked even better in the UK)

Grape Shears Page Web Traffic - Marketing Antiques

Vinaigrette – Similar success can be seen with a vinaigrette page. The below shows UK only results and as you can see also steals a rich snippet spot.

For any website I would certainly look into create some history of pages to drive more traffic. It may be worth creating a seperate ‘learning’ based site to compliment your eccommerce store and link back to it once your history of pages begin to rank.

If you need help to identify these pages for your site please feel free to drop me a DM or email. I LOVE this stuff 🙂

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